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6 things every successful podcast needs (to get started)

This is a general checklist of what your podcast needs to pay attention to from the start. Often in the planning phase, creators will skip ahead and miss vital aspects of podcast production. Taking these important factors into consideration will help you turn your podcast into a successful podcast.

1. Focused Content

Your podcast needs to be focused. If your podcast exists within a unique niche, this becomes an easier task. However, you’ll still need to research existing podcasts within your niche and find a way to stand out. Think about what you bring to the table:

  • What you can provide that's unique to you?

  • What can you provide expertise in?

  • Where can you differentiate from the crowd?

The more focused your content is the more approachable and engaging your podcast will be. Simplify your message to reach your target audience more effectively.

2. Good (not great) Audio Quality

Focus on your production setup. This will all depend on your budget, but don't let a small budget deter you from creating a great podcast. Content is king: a podcast with great content and good audio has a high chance of being successful compared to a podcast with poor content and a great set up. 

Podcasting is all about the content, the production quality is all about giving the content a space to thrive. 

With that being said, good audio is extremely important. The audience should not be fighting the audio quality to listen to the content. If your quality is subpar the audiences will experience 'ear fatigue' and subconsciously stop listening. 

Contact me for advice on home recording.

3. Strong Brand

Before recording, you need to have a strong brand in mind. Your brand needs to be considered in every single aspect of your podcast. Find your brand before hitting record by getting to know your target audience, defining your mission, and considering your podcast’s key message. Establish your visual brand by creating your podcast cover art and logo, and then keep the visual brand consistent across all social media promotion and merchandise. Canva and Piktochart are great free resources to get started.

4. Intro & Trailer

Write your trailer before recording any of your episodes. This will be part of your brand development process and will allow you to familiarize yourself with the production process.  Clearly define your message and play around with your “podcast voice".

You will also need an introduction song or sonic logo. You can find licensable music from sites like Epidemic or Pond 5, but these songs are generic, non-customizable, and can be used by anyone. You can also take a chance on sites like Fiverr or Upwork. You can also work with EWR to create an original, customizable, and fully licensed podcast intro song. Using EWR allows you to pitch a specific idea for music that will become fully licensed to you (no one will have your song other than you). Not to mention they will be completely customizable in order to align with your brand.

5. Well Edited & Mixed Episode

No matter how you edit and mix your podcast, you need to make the content concise, smooth and easy to enjoy. Even the most natural sounding conversations are in need of a good podcast editorial + mix. This is the one area I highly suggest you outsource to professionals. Learning it yourself will be very time consuming and investing in the proper equipment is highly expensive. 

Investing in podcast editorial will allow you to focus on your content and mission, while releasing consistent, high-quality episodes.

6. A Clearly Defined Marketing Plan

Now you need to draw attention to your podcast. 

You'll need to write SEO optimized show-notes (EWR provides those too!) and you'll need to post your podcast episode to your social media account(s). 

Marketing plans are unique to each podcast and depend on budget. However, writing out some basic show-notes and posting to social media should provide enough momentum to see growth within a small community of dedicated fans. 

Keeping to a consistent release schedule and delivering to this small community is what will serve you going forward into creating a successful podcast.

Geoff | Founder of EWR


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