Perfect for podcasters looking for a seamless episode! This package will allow you to not only stay on track but will provide a professional sound that will certainly translate to growth. Your podcast will be edited meticulously - cutting out all of the awkward moments - and mixed to highest standard. All you'll have left to do is upload. 


Price Options
One-time purchase
4 x Episode Bundle
Subscribe & Save 5% ($7 per episode)
$132.00every week for 4 weeks
8 x Episode Bundle
Subscribe & Save 10% ($14 per episode)
$125.00every week for 8 weeks
    • Dialogue Restoration
    • Remove Background Noise
    • Enhance Audio
    • Add provided Intro/Outro/Ads/Music
    • Cut Awkward Pauses, Umms, Ahhs
    • Remove Mouth Noises, Plosives, Digital Clicks
    • Delete Stutters & Improve Conversation Flow
    • Mastered to Broadcast Standard Loudness
    • Up to 60min of RAW Audio
    • Deliver HQ MP3
    • Option for Separate MP3 Tracks
  • You are allowed 1 free revision with this package. Any mistake on our end does not count toward that revision. Our turn around time is 72hrs from the purchase date per episode. Multiple episodes bought at the same time will be held to 72hrs consecutively (unless otherwise discussed). 

    There are no guaranteedgaurenteed full refunds. If you are dissatisfied with the work please let us know and we will grant refunds on a case by case basis.